Welcome to maakusan.com

This is the personal homepage of Mark K Smitham.

This website is a single point of access to all available information about me including my CV and bio together with some frequently asked questions that help to explain things like why my online identity is maakusan.

You can find out about what I am interested in, like computing, languages, and travel.  You may be looking for more information on my MSc Information Technology project, "Automatic Extraction Of Information From HTML Documents For Semantic Technologies", so you should check my MSc page.  As part of the latest Web 2.0 semantic technologies I also have a FOAF profile and OpenID.

There's also some information on the things that I do, sports and games I play, as well as the drama work I have done from theatre acting at school to student TV at University and beyond.

Click on the neighbourhood section to see choice places where I like to hang out, or take a look at some of the most outstanding events that I have already been to in the past and others that I am planning to go to in the future.

To see more details on what drives me and some ambitions that I have you should go to the projects section.

Read my blog to find out the latest news from me or check out my online profiles on many social networking sites.  You may also like to tune in to my podcast, watch my video blog, or flick through my photostream, if so then check out the list of available media.

If your thirst for knowledge about me is still not quenched or you have an insatiable desire for more information on any of the topics that you have discovered on my website then you may like to contact me.  Alternatively, for even further information about Mark K Smitham you may wish to do a Google search for "Mark K Smitham" or maakusan